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Domiciliary Care

Your dentist comes to you!

At The Boathouse we understand that going into residential care or becoming housebound brings lifestyle change but it doesn’t need to mean that access to private dental care or treatment becomes impossible. We provide domiciliary care to the community. Our team of dentists are mobile and can drive to you!

Dental health is key to a person’s ability to maintain their dignity, enjoy their food, smile and speak without discomfort and lack of mobility or independence can make it difficult for some people to attend a dental surgery. That’s why The Boathouse offers private dental care in the community to local care homes and those who are dependent on a carer. We come to you!

Whilst we cannot do any drilling off site we do provide an extensive range of services and sometimes it is a case of creating comfort or easing pain for a patient, perhaps from a cracked tooth or painful denture. We do encourage regular check-ups to maintain healthy teeth and oral hygiene but can also respond to dental problems as they arise. The more information you can provide on the patient the better prepared we are when we see them and we can plan out visit(s) accordingly.

Our experienced empathetic dentists understand the particular needs and concerns of elderly patients and we have been providing first class on-site private dental care to care homes in Goring for several years so you are in very good hands.

To arrange a home visit or discuss our domiciliary services in more detail please call Reception Team or email Jen at

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